Congratulations to the Mary MacKillop Catholic College Wakeley Class of 2023 on your Higher School Certificate (HSC) results! 

Our school ranked in the top 200 in The Sydney Morning Herald rankings, placing 188th in the state.

We recorded 58 Distinguished Achievers, three All Rounders and one Top Achiever. 

In terms of the individual highlights among our students, An Nguyen achieved an ATAR of 99.60 and Daniella Franso secured 10th place in the state for Community and Family Studies.

Mary MacKillop Catholic College Principal Gilda Pussich congratulated Year 12 on a fantastic effort. 

“The school’s results consistently surpass expectations, setting a high standard across diverse subjects and equipping our cohort to tackle future academic and professional challenges. 

“This success highlights a collaborative effort among educators, delivering subject matter cohesively and sharing best practices”.

“Our school’s HSC achievements stem from fostering student self-efficacy, promoting reflection, enhancing study skills, nurturing literacy and numeracy, instilling the ‘Wakeley Way’ ethos, embedding our THRIVE Learning Framework, and engaging students in high-impact pedagogical practices,” Ms Pussich said.

The Class of 2023 exemplified their theme, ‘Strive to Thrive,’ throughout their journey. Their commitment to academic excellence shone through active participation in co-curricular activities like Twilight Study Sessions and Masterclasses. 

Beyond their classroom diligence, these students embraced reflection and goal-setting, demonstrating a profound dedication to their Senior Secondary School years.


Sydney Catholic Schools (SCS) has once again achieved outstanding results in the 2023 Higher School Certificate (HSC) with nine of its 33 secondary schools ranked among the top 100 high schools in NSW.

A total of 18 schools ranked among the top 150 high schools—one more than last year—strengthening SCS’s position as one of the top performing systems in Australia.

SCS recorded an impressive 2780 Distinguished Achievers, 47 Top Achievers and 67 All Rounders.

Notably, eight SCS students also received HSC First in Course honours.


Here is a recap of our 2023 HSC highlights:

  • Ranked 188th in the state
  • 58 Distinguished Achievers – lists the students who achieved a result in the highest band (Band 6 or Band E4) for one or more courses, not including results for courses studied external to their school
  • Three All Rounders – number of students scoring above 90 in at least 10 units
  • One Top Achiever – students who achieved one of the highest places in a HSC course or optional exam and also achieved a result in the highest band
  • Highest ATAR achieved 99.60
  • 74% of courses above state average
  • Course highlights included Chemistry 10.42% above state average and English EALD 10.40% above state average